Customer Story: People is a System to “Grow Old With”

August 24, 2016
Customer Story: Vineyard Group

Imagine being responsible for the Human Resources management of multiple successful hotels, up and down the country, which employ a combined 500 people. Tough job, right? For some, yes – but this is exactly what Emma Jenkins, HR Director for Hotel Management chain Vineyard Group, takes in her stride every day. So how does she do it?

When it comes to effective HR management, Emma has always been a big believer in putting technology to good use. But when the company that was previously providing her with a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) suddenly gave Vineyard Group their notice and took a completely different direction, Emma was at a bit of a loose end.

The Problem: “No More Nasty Surprises – We Need a System to Grow Old With”

Not to be disheartened, Emma decided to cut ties and jump straight into finding a new HR system her company could “grow old with”. Emma knew what she wanted: No sudden changes in direction, no nasty surprises, just a central hub for HR that offered easy access and great reporting.

And before long, her search paid off – her contact at The Fat Duck restaurant recommended People®, and her new journey began.

The Solution: A Simple Solution Built to Last

Emma chose People® because of how much functionality was packed into such an easy-to-use solution.

I was drawn in by the simplicity and functionality of the system” she explains. “The ability to run reports on anything we want, and to create any screen we need on-demand, really fit in with our business.

Emma also saw the future potential of choosing People®. “There is amazing scope to develop the system further” she adds, “and some great partnerships to be had.”

Sounds like Emma might have found a system she can grow old with?

The Results: Engaged Workforce & Easy Reporting

Emma says that People® is everything she expected – easy to use and navigate, with great reporting functionality. Since implementing People®, Emma says she has been enjoying running rapid reports which help her make great business decisions.

On top of this, Emma tells us that everyone in the company is using the system.

We are almost completely paperless with letters and contracts” she says. “We direct everyone to the system, and everyone is using it.

We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to Emma and Vineyard Group for taking the time to provide this wonderful feedback, and for anybody interested in learning about their company, you can do so on their website here.

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