Meet Your Upgraded Applicant Tracking System

August 30, 2016
Meet Your Upgraded Applicant Tracking System

Since our latest release, we’ve been working quietly in the background on a brand new update that will significantly improve your Applicant Tracking System. Here’s what you’ll notice:

1. Unlimited Approvers & Hiring Leads Per Vacancy

We’ve de-restricted the number of approvers and hiring leads you can have for each vacancy you post. You can now assign as many as you like, which gives you greater flexibility if you have a larger workforce, or if you have multiple people involved in the hiring process.

Create Custom Auto-Response

2. Define Email Templates

You can now define all of the email templates you use for communicating with your applicants. This makes it a lot easier to find the message you need, when you need it. It also speeds up the hiring process and makes your job a lot easier!

Define Email Templates

3. Create Custom Auto-Response

You’ll notice the new ability to create a custom message that will be automatically sent to applicants as soon as they apply for a specific post. This is great if you want to give them further instructions, ask them further questions, or simply thank them for applying without manually responding to each applicant.

Unlimited Approvers & Hiring Leads Per Vacancy

These are just a few of the changes you will see, there are many more items which will be part of the ATS release. Keep a look out on the 19th September.

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