UK Workers are Not Getting Enough Sleep

August 31, 2016
UK Workers are Not Getting Enough Sleep

We’ve been doing a fair bit of research into the health and wellbeing of our nation’s hardest workers, and we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about sleep.

After asking participants to rate how well they sleep each night, we found that only 11% stated that they almost always get enough sleep. And while a reassuring 52% said that they normally get enough sleep, we’re still looking at a massive 37% of people who definitely are not getting the sleep they need on a night time!

Reasons for Not Getting Enough Sleep

Our study aimed to find out more than simply whether or not people were sleeping enough – it also asked why people were not getting the sleep they need. Here’s a breakdown of the 37% of participants who do not get enough sleep. Percentages are of the whole study group, not percentages of the not-enough-sleep group:

– 20% have too much they want or need to do

– 15% find it too difficult to drift off

– 2% had young children

How Sleep Affects Productivity

There are many studies out there which outline how sleep affects productivity. In fact, this fun video on discusses the results of a “sleep deprivation obstacle course”, whereby participants were tested on their ability to complete a range of basic office tasks (which they should have been able to do), but with each participant having been subjected to a specific amount of sleep the night before. The participant who had the most sleep did the best, and the participant who had the least sleep did the worst. The study concluded that a lack of sleep affects your ability to focus and remember things.

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

We had sleep expert James Wilson create a set of guidelines for us in April this year, to help those with trouble sleeping to improve their night time routine.

Here’s a link to the various articles we published – check the one that relates to you the best:

Four Relaxation Techniques to Help You Drift Off

How to Optimise Your Bedroom Environment

Setting the Perfect Pre-Sleep Routine

We hope that this infographic helps you understand a little better how our nation’s workforce is depriving itself of sleep, and we hope that this article gives you a little bit of helpful information to help you to charge your batteries on a night.

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