Autumn Release 2016 – Sneak Preview Part 1 of 6, Logbook

September 7, 2016
PeopleHR New Logbook

It’s that time of season again – we’re upgrading your HR system by adding a massive bunch of cool new features, software updates and functionality enhancements. A lot of what’s changing has been requested by you, our customers. So, do you want to know what’s coming? Well, tune in to our blog over the next two weeks – starting today, we’ll be publishing six unique previews to show you what you’ll be able to do with your HR software later on this month.

To kick things off, we’re going to show you what’s changing with one of our core features: The Logbook.

What is the Logbook?

The Logbook is one of the core features within PeopleHR, and is an important part of your day to day work. The Logbook allows you to record and track the key employee information that is important to your company, from equipment and uniform, to accidents and injuries.

PeopleHR Logbook

One of the most popular existing features of the PeopleHR Logbook, is the fact that you can create custom screens. No matter how unique, company-specific, or even downright bizarre the information you want to track, you can create a screen for it in PeopleHR!

However, customer feedback has told us that there is a big way we could improve the Logbook – so keep reading to see what’s changing.

New Improved Logbook: Authorisations

Once the Autumn 2016 Release goes live, you will be able to set any of your screens within your Logbook to require authorisation. What does this mean? Well, it means that you can give lots more people the permissions to edit certain screens – and that’s because you can require any changes to need authorisation before they go live!

– Optional “Authorisation Required” for Each Screen
Optional Authorisation Required

– Customise Authorisation Rules

– Change Log Lets You Audit Any Edits

Authorisation is optional, and can be added or removed from any individual screen. For each screen requiring authorisation, you will be able to define custom rules based on who is making edits, and you will be able to choose from a list of approvers to decide who will authorise logbook entries.

Logbook - optional authorisation

For example, you could allow managers to edit your Uniform screen freely, but require any edits by their team members to be authorised before going live.

To view any pending authorisations, simply check your Authorisations tab on your main menu.

Pending Authorisations

For added security, you will also be able to view the Change Log for any of your Logbook screens, meaning you can easily audit any activity, or reverse and accidental authorisation.

Next Preview: ATS

Big changes are coming to your Applicant Tracking System. Tune in tomorrow for an in-depth preview or check out the the features in this Applicant Tracking System preview.

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