Autumn Release 2016 – Sneak Preview Part 3 of 6, Organisation Chart

September 9, 2016
Org Chart

Yesterday we showed you some of the cool new stuff we’re adding to your Applicant Tracking System. The day before, we showed you what’s changing with your Logbook screens.

“So what else is new in the PeopleHR Autumn Release 2016?”, I hear you ask. Well, we’ve barely scratched the surface – there’ plenty more to come!

Today, we want to give you a quick look at what’s changing for the Organisation Chart tool within your HR software. Most of these changes will be most beneficial to organisations with larger workforces, but we’re sure you’ll be happy with them no matter how many people you employ. Changes include:

– Filtering charts by location or department

– Excluding specific employees from the chart

– Zooming in and out

Organisation Chart

Filtering Charts by Location or Department

As your business grows, your organisation chart tends to get bigger, more complex, and let’s face it, more confusing. Especially if you’re now running multiple departments or even companies!

As part of the Autumn Release, we are adding the ability for you to filter your organisation chart by location or department. For example, if you want to show a new recruit the structure of the team they are joining, you simply filter the chart by whichever department they will be working in.

Neater, easier to understand, and way more flexible!

Excluding Specific Employees from the Chart

Some of our customers expressed an interest in generating an organisation chart that did not include certain members of their company. There could be many reasons for wanting to do this – such as showing the structure of a team without the top level manager, or even generating a chart that doesn’t include any camera-shy employees.

Whatever the reason for excluding a person from an organisation chart, the important thing is that now, you can.

Zooming In and Out

Another thing our customers told us – particularly those with larger and more complex organisational structures – was that they wanted more options in terms of viewing the chart. Once the Autumn 2016 Release goes live, you’ll be able to zoom in and out of any organisational chart you generate!

Next Preview: FTE Calculator

We’re adding a brand new feature we think you’re going to love the FTE Calculator, yesterday’s post was pretty cool, take a look here at the new stuff we’re adding to the Applicant Tracking System

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