Autumn Release 2016 – Query Builder. Final Sneak Preview Before Launch!

September 16, 2016
Autumn Release 2016 – Query Builder

This is the last post before our Autumn 2016 Release goes live, so we want to share a pretty cool set of improvements we think you’re going to love. Today, we’re showing you what’s changing in your Query Builder.

The Query Builder is a feature within People® that allows you to generate your own custom reports. With the changes we’re introducing shortly, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more!

1. Generate Visual Charts

Once the forthcoming release goes live, you’ll be able to generate a variety of charts from within the Query Builder. This gives you the option to display your data in whichever format suits you best – bar graphs, line graphs or pie charts. You can also display statistical data such as averages, minimum values and maximum values.

Generate Visual Charts

Once you have produced a chart using the Query Builder, you will be able to export it from your HR system and share it with anybody you like. A great source of ammunition for meetings and quarterly reviews!


Restricted Access to Salary Data

2. Restricted Access to Salary Data

We have restricted who can view salary data using the Query Builder. If a user generates a report using the Query Builder, but does not have the permissions to view salary information, then the reports they generate will hide this data.

Generate Visual Charts

This gives you the peace of mind knowing you can give other people in your company access to the Query Builder, without worrying about sharing confidential information.

3. Case Log Reporting

We are adding in the ability to report on Case Logs from within the query builder. Once our Autumn 2016 Release goes live, you’ll be able to pull full data reports for any pending or closed cases!

New Release Arrives 19th September

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 6-part series of previews for our Autumn 2016 Feature Release. If you want to catch up on earlier previews, just follow the links below:

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