How to Prevent the Flu from Spreading at Work

September 20, 2016
Five ways you can prevent the flu from spreading at work

Summer is fading away, and we are slowly entering the time of year when the heating goes on, the coats come out, and everybody starts making wild predictions about when we’re going to get the first sign of snow. Unfortunately, it is also this time of year when seasonal illnesses like the flu start to rear their ugly heads – and unless you take care to prevent it from spreading, you can suddenly find yourself half a team short during a critical time of business.

Looking after your employees’ health and wellbeing is important to your organisation’s overall success, and so we thought we’d give you a few ideas you can use to prevent illnesses like the flu from spreading at work.

1. Encourage Flu Shots

If you are based in the UK, then some people in your workforce might be entitled to free flu vaccinations on the NHS. If anybody in your team is eligible, then now is the time to start encouraging your workers to start making arrangements for their shot. Here are the eligibility requirements for free flu vaccines courtesy of the NHS:

– Anybody over the age of 65

– Pregnant women

– Adults with an underlying health condition (particularly heart or respiratory disease)

– Adults with a weakened immune system

The more people in your workforce who are immunised against this nasty seasonal illness, the less likely it is that you’ll have an office epidemic on your hands.

2. Educate Your Employees

Make sure your employees have plenty of information about avoiding illnesses like the flu. Putting up signs and reminders is a good idea,  and make it available to your employees – it will help them to understand more about seasonal flu, and what they can do to prevent it.

3. Encourage Good Hygiene

Establishing a good level of basic hygiene in the workplace is a great way to defend your people against seasonal illness like the flu.

You might want to add signs where your sinks are, reminding your employees to wash their hands regularly. You could also install hand sanitiser stations to help people kill germs off whenever they walk in and out of certain areas within your workplace.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Give Time Off

If one of your people is suffering from a seasonal illness like the flu, then don’t pressure them to drag themselves to work – even if they play a critical role within your company. If they really want to work, suggest they work from home. You’ll end up with much bigger problems on your hands if people are coming to work and spreading illness.

5. Allow Plenty of Fresh Air

Try to keep your premises well ventilated. If you can open a window (without freezing your people on the spot, of course) then this could help – it allows the germs to travel outside, and brings in cleaner air from outside.

If you can’t maintain a comfortable temperature with the window open, then you might want to consider fitting an air vent that brings in air from the great outdoors.

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