Are Your Employees Fuelling Their Bodies Right?

September 22, 2016
How Healthy is Your Workforce’s Diet?

In a recent study we conducted, we learned some interesting facts about the diet patterns of workers.

While 61% of workers feel as if they have a fairly balanced diet, and while 5% state that they follow a strict diet, a huge 32% of workers admitted that their diet isn’t great, and a further 2% of people said they just couldn’t make dieting work for them.

Out of the respondents who admitted to having a poor diet, most of them said that this was because they didn’t have enough time. Six respondents stated that they didn’t know how to eat healthily, and a further five respondents stated that they simply couldn’t be bothered.

These results were gained from a survey we conducted, which questioned 82 UK employees on their approaches to diet, sleep and exercise.


Diet and productivity are linked. If you don’t fuel your body right, then it won’t work right – basic biology 101!

We are currently developing a guide to help you show your employees easy changes they can make to their diets, which don’t take much time, and can be done without radically changing their lifestyle.

What are you doing to encourage your employees to eat more healthily?

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