Ella’s Kitchen’s “Keeping People Happy” Team Engages Employees Daily with People®

September 28, 2016
Ella’s Kitchen’s “Keeping People Happy” Team Engages Employees Daily with People®

“The PeopleHR system is really in line with our culture and we see our people use it pretty much every day”

– Employees are more engaged, using the “Thanks” feature daily
– People® supports social events and volunteering day
– HR team saving 10 hours per week to invest in business growth proejcts

Clare Avery is the HR Manager at Ella’s Kitchen. Her role, as she explains it, is to keep her 60+ people happy – which is why their HR department has been dubbed the “keeping people happy” team.

Trading since 2006, Ella’s Kitchen produces baby food and toddler snacks with simple, natural ingredients and packaging that connects with little ones. Their flavours, colours, textures and names all appeal to their senses, and Ella’s Kitchen is on a mission to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food.

The Challenge: Outdated Admin Getting in the Way of Employee Engagement

Ella’s Kitchen has always been a very people-centric business, with its employees at the heart of its strategy. Clare has done a very good job of maintaining this, however cracks were starting to appear as the company grew and HR administration began really eating into the team’s time.

“Some of our processes were slow and time-consuming” says Clare “which in a small dynamic business is a real challenge and very disengaging to our buddies (employees). We managed all our data on a series of spreadsheets, with lots of paper to accompany things like performance and holiday records”.

Clare has always been proud of Ella’s Kitchen’s fantastic culture, and she was not going to let a bit (ok, a lot) of paperwork get in the way.

The Solution: A system for admin, development and engagement

Clare knew that the right HR software could solve her department’s nightmares, and so she made a list of clear goals:

– A system to take care of admin (so we can take care of our people)

–  A system that helps us review performance (to make it more than just a form-filling exercise)

– A system that engages our buddies (it’s their data – they should be able to access it)

Clare was delighted when she found People®. Not only did it offer her employees complete control over their holiday and leave calendars, personal data and documents, but it gave them the real opportunity to interact with each other, work with their managers to develop their skills, and, of course, it looked like it would save the HR team a ton of time.

Results: More time, more insights, and a more engaged team

“The PeopleHR system has helped us enormously and has completely transformed the way we operate” says Clare. “Our buddies all use the system on an everyday basis, and with less time sunk into admin, we can now spend more time on projects that support our people and the growth of our business.”

– Ella’s Kitchen employees are now interacting with each other daily, and love the “thanks” feature which lets them congratulate their peers on a job well done

–  The HR team spend 10 hours less on HR admin every week – time they’ve since thrown into developing their staff and growing their business

–  The online performance system means that Clare’s managers and their respective teams can access and update their feedback and goals throughout the year

– The system supports unique people initiatives like volunteering days and social events

You can learn more about Ella’s Kitchen by visiting their website here.

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