Dear HR Professional: Thanks for Being Positive

September 29, 2016
Thanks for Being Positive

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about people who work in HR, it’s that almost all of them seem to have a smile on their face and a can-do attitude.

Sure, there are exceptions to this rule. And maybe it’s simply that we’ve been lucky enough to only meet the awesome HR people out there. Maybe there are just as many miserable doomsayers hiding beneath the rocks, who we haven’t quite met yet! But in our experience, HR professionals are awesome, positive people.

Take the customer story we published yesterday, for example. Clare Avery, HR manager at Ella’s Kitchen, calls her HR department the “Keeping People Happy” team. We love that.

92% of HR Professionals are Optimistic About the Future of HR

Some people see a career in Human Resources as a bad thing. One commenter on Spice Works goes as far as saying “NOoooooooooooo! HR is a dead end career

But somehow, we don’t believe this. And it’s no surprise that this person never actually had a career in HR!

According to HC Online, 92% of HR professionals are optimistic about the future of HR. In fact, the article lists the top 5 priorities for the HR profession:

1. Change Management
2. Leadership & Management Skills
3. Succession Planning & Talent Mapping
4. Learning & Development
5. Improving Internal Processes with Technology

Do these sound like the priorities of a dead-end department plagued with misery? Not to me they don’t. They sound like priorities that have goals, priorities that have purpose, and priorities that will change an organisation for the better. They sound like priorities that come from a department that is seriously recognised as a strategic part of any successful business!

Please Keep the Positive HR Attitude Alive!

So again, let me say thanks. A massive thanks, in fact, to every single HR professional who refuses to sit back and push paper across a desk, and who instead realises that they are an important part of their company’s success.

Thanks for being ambitious. Thanks for being positive. Thanks for looking after your people, and for doing it with a smile. But most importantly, thanks for helping a very important industry gain the recognition it deserves!

Do you know an HR professional who deserves a big “Thank You!” for their positive attitude? Please share this article with them, and put a smile on their face 🙂

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