Coming Soon: You will be able to book One-Hour Holidays with the Android or IOS App

October 5, 2016
People IOS & Android update

As you may know, our HR system includes a smartphone app for Android and IOS devices.

With our major Autumn Release update now live on our core HR system, we thought it was time to start rolling out some improvements to your smartphone app.

Book a Fraction of a Holiday on Your Phone

As the app currently stands, the holiday booking functionality only allows employees to book holidays from their phone in single day chunks. Customer feedback has shown us that the ability to book smaller holidays is important – for example, somebody might want to book a two-hour holiday to go and see their child perform in a school play; or maybe an important football game is on that simply can’t be missed!

So, the first improvement we’ll be making to your IOS and Android HR app, is the ability for your employees to book less than a single-day holiday. Once the update goes live, employees will be able to use the People HR app for smartphone to book holidays as small as one hour!

Managers and employees will also receive notifications to their phones if their holiday request is submitted, changed, approved or declined.

How to Download the Free People HR Software App for Android or IOS

The People HR Software App is free for existing customers. If you don’t already have it, you’re missing out on some really cool features that are all instantly accessible via the smartphone app!

Download the People HR Software App for IOS

Download the People HR Software App for Android

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