What’s the Best HR Job Title to Use?

October 14, 2016
What’s the Best HR Job Title to Usey

At People®, we work in a culture where job titles are less important than owning your responsibilities. But while reading an article posted to HRtendinstitute.com recently, I was reminded of how important job titles really are in some respects. The author of the article responds to a question from a friend, asking what the best job title for an HR lead might be.

So it got me thinking. Is your job title important to you? And if you work in HR, what job title do you use? Do you like it? Would you change it? If so, what to?

Here is a summary of four of the suggestions given by Tom Haak on HRtrendinstitute.com. What are your thoughts?

HR Job Titles – What and Why

1. Chief Human Resources Officer.

Tom says that this is the safe option. It puts you in with the C-suite, and reminds your peers to take you seriously. But he also says you should be careful using this job title in an organisation with less than 5,000 employees – would a small business really hire a CHRO?

2. Chief People Officer

If you want a similar option to the above, but one that sounds a bit less “corporate”, then Tom says you could choose to call yourself the Chief People Officer. You get all of the benefits of the first suggestion, but you’re helping the industry to move away from the stigma of “humans as a resource”, and into an era where people are seen as people.

3. SVP of People Operations

Tom says that People Operations sounds more down to earth. And besides, it’s what they have over at Google!

4. Director of People and …

Finally, Tom suggests creating a custom job title that focuses on what your specialist focus is in the Human Resources arena. For example, if you are particularly passionate about your company’s culture, you might call yourself the Director of People and Culture.

I like the suggestions Tom made. If you like them too, then head on over and read his full article on the matter here.

What job title do you have, and what would be the perfect title if you could choose one for yourself?


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