Four Fun Ideas for Celebrating Halloween in the Office

October 17, 2016
Celebrating Halloween in the Office

Whether you like Halloween or not, in just two weeks we’ll be seeing ghosts, ghouls and vampires creeping out of the closet.

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, which means that many of us will be at work, instead of fortifying the doors against the soon-to-come wave of trick-or-treaters. But there’s no reason not to get into the Halloween spirit just because you’re at work – here are four fun office Halloween ideas for boosting team spirit this year.

1. Desk-To-Desk Trick-Or-Treating

Did anybody ever tell you that trick or treating is only for children? They are so wrong! Encourage your employees to bring a big bag full of treats to work, and allow people a little time throughout the day to go cubicle-to-cubicle (or door-to-door, if you all have private offices), playing trick or treat.

2. Costume Contest

With trick-or-treating on the cards, it might feel a bit silly if employees are all wearing their regular gear. Depending on the kind of business you run, you might allow employees to take a break from their regular dress code or uniform, and come to work in fancy dress. If you do this, make sure you buy a few prizes to hand out at the end of the day for best costumes (you could have a panel of judges on standby to assess this).

3. Surprise Decorations

If you really want to “trick” your employees when they show up at work on Halloween, then why not pop into the office over the weekend and go mad with some decorations? You could hide skeletons in the cupboards, stuff slime into the soap dispensers, and cover the ceiling to the floor with spooky streamers, creepy cobwebs and petrifying posters.

4. Themed Lunch

If the idea of decorating the office makes your stomach turn, if you can’t really get people dressing up, and if you don’t want to send employees trick or treating, then at the very least, you can put on a themed lunch for employees. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be themed – just order pizza if you like. The important thing is recognising that the celebration of culture is important, and that for many people, Halloween plays a big part in their personal culture.

Do you have any other ideas you’re going to try this Halloween? Maybe you’ve had some big successes in the past with parties or decoration ideas? Send your office Halloween Party Pics to or tweet us at @peoplehrmsfor the chance to win a £20 Amazon Voucher!.

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