Three Ways to Improve Your Company’s Career Page

October 21, 2016
Your Company’s Career Page

If you already have a careers page on your company website, then why not give it a bit of TLC by implementing these three easy tips to attract talented candidates?

1. Use a Friendly Writing Style

Corporate content doesn’t have to sound stiff and boring. This is especially true when you’re trying to connect with the personalities who will ultimately be driving your brand to success.

Have a quick read through your careers page right now, and ask yourself these questions:

– Does it sound friendly?

– Does it sound like it has personality?

– Does it speak to the reader directly?

Putting across a friendly and personable message that speaks directly to your potential employees is a great step towards improving your employer brand.

2. Add Employee Testimonials

You probably put customer testimonials on the pages of your website that speak to potential new customers, so why wouldn’t you want to put employee testimonials on the page that speaks to potential new employees?

Showing candidates how other people feel about being employed by your brand is a great way to help build a more objectively positive opinion of your company, and shows them that you care about your employees’ thoughts and feelings.

3. Add Video Content

Not everybody likes to read chunks of text, and video is a fast-growing way to share good content – including what makes you such a great employer.

Video is finding its way into many different aspects of recruitment – for example, video interviewing is becoming a very real thing. Why not create a friendly introduction video about your company, and add it to your careers page?

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