How to Impress Your Boss by Minding Your Manners

November 2, 2016
How to Impress Your Boss by Minding Your Manners

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There are lots of reasons why you might want to impress your boss. Maybe you’re hoping to be considered for promotion? Or perhaps you’re even trying to earn a seat at the executive table?

Whatever your reasons, this article is going to help you.

Remember the blog post we published, highlighting five great ways to get noticed at work? Getting noticed is half the battle when it comes to impressing your boss. So today, we’re going to look at one of those five tips in a little more detail: minding your manners.

To begin, let’s recap on a quote we used from Mary-Lou Duggan, Practice Manager at Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy Group.

“People who have the best and most polished manners, and who can communicate well, will always stand out from the crowd.”

How Good Manners Help You Impress Your Boss for the Right Reasons at Work

So why is it so important to have good manners at work? Why is it not enough to simply do a good job? Well, for a start, relationships between colleagues are just as important as individual skillsets – especially within roles that require teamwork.

Good manners tend to make other people like you more. It is your way of saying “hey, I respect your feelings”. And when people like working with you, it gets noticed by your boss. In a good way.

Of course, it also works in reverse – bad manners get you noticed for the wrong reasons. For example, clothing. Clothing is a basic form of etiquette – the idea is to dress yourself in a way that is respectful to the feelings of others around you. And if you are hoping to impress your boss, this is especially important. According to a survey by OfficeTeam, 80 percent of executives say that clothing affects an employee’s chances of earning a promotion!

Minding Your Manners Tips and Best-Practice

Minding your manners is about much more than simply saying “please” and “thank you”. It is about being sensitive to the feelings of others, and aiming to behave in a way that respects these feelings.

So what should you be doing to ensure your workplace etiquette is up to scratch? Let’s hand this question over to Pamela Eyring, President of The Protocol School of Washington, an organisation which provides professional business etiquette and international protocol training. In a guest post written by Pamela and published on Reuters, we can learn the following best-practice and advice:

Mobile Manners. Don’t shout when using your mobile phone, and make sure you’re around 10 feet away from the nearest person. Also, turn your phone off (or at least onto silent) during meetings, and don’t get it out – you should be paying attention to the other people in the meeting!

Dress To Impress. Respect your company’s dress code, and respect the feelings of others around you. See-through dresses, muscle shirts, sandals with socks… the list of possible outfits or combinations that might leave a negative impression on others goes on. While you may well feel like the way you dress is nobody else’s business but your own, the fact remains that the way you dress can send off very strong signals about your attitude to those around you.

No Stealing! It might seem obvious, but you really shouldn’t be stealing from other people. By stealing, I don’t mean serious theft; I mean the small, petty acts, such as borrowing staplers and forgetting to return them. Or even taking food items from the communal fridge! (Yes, this happens). How can people believe that you respect them when you’re taking their stuff!?

Make Less Mess. A bit of messiness in and of itself isn’t terrible. Failing to clean up after yourself, however, is pretty bad manners. Spillage in the kitchen? Grab a mop. Crumbs all over your desk? Sweep them into the bin. It’s not rocket science!

Avoid Gossip. Getting involved in office gossip is very easy. In fact, sometimes people gossip just to fit in! But it doesn’t work out well for you, and it is very bad manners. Don’t over-share about your own personal life, and don’t be too eager to learn about others’.

Be Punctual. It’s bad manners to show up late.

As well as Pamela Eyring’s fantastic tips, here are a few more to help you exhibit the most magnificent manners at work, and impress your boss more easily:

-Smile as often as possible
-Keep calm, even if you feel something is unfair
-Be discreet and even-tempered
-Show genuine appreciation for the people around you
-Use requests rather than demands

Do you like this article? Have we missed something? Is something we’ve said wrong? Share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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