Two of the Best Paid Cities in UK Have the Poorest Workers

November 16, 2016

Two of the Best Paid Cities in UK Have the Poorest Workers

Before you pack your bags and move to another city in search of fortune, consider this: some of the highest paid cities in the UK actually host some of the country’s poorest workers.

A recent nationwide study of salaries, conducted by CV-Library, has revealed some interesting insights. These insights compare the earnings of workers, with the disposable income they have left at the end of the month. The results are very interesting.

Five best paid cities in the UK

It won’t surprise you to learn that London workers receive the highest average salary when compared with workers from other UK cities. Here are the five cities that pay the highest salaries, in descending order:

London: £2,383.72

Glasgow: £2,157.56

Aberdeen: £2,088.26

Bristol: £2,067.24

Birmingham: £2059.53

On the surface, it looks like these cities are the most desirable to live and work in, as they pay the highest salaries on average. But numbers can sometimes be very misleading.

Bottom five cities for disposable income in the UK

After deducting the living expenses needed to survive in the major UK cities, the study by CV-Library shows us how much, on average, people have left to spend out of their monthly salary. Starting from the bottom, here are the five worst cities in terms of how much money workers have left at the end of the month:

London: £65

Brighton: £520

Edinburgh: £726

Exeter: £871

Bristol: £890

As you can see, two of the cities that pay the highest salaries in the countries, are also at the bottom of the list in terms of remaining disposable income. The worst culprit is, of course, London.

Top five cities with most disposable income on average

If you want to find the most profitable city to work in, then here are the top five cities that provide workers with the most disposable income, on average, in the UK. In reality, these are the best paid cities in the UK:

Glasgow: £1,230

Aberdeen: £1,162

Hull: £1,146

Sheffield: £1,135

Leeds: £1,095

As workers begin to discover these statistics, these five cities may, over time, become the top talent spots for UK employers. Do you already have bases in these five richest cities?

Can money buy happiness?

There’s an old saying that goes “money can’t buy happiness”. But if we go back to an old blog post of ours, we see that one of the five happiest place in the UK is a place called Eden District.

Now, call me what you will, but it seems to me a very strange coincidence that, when you look at Eden on the map, it is surrounded on all sides, by the five best paid cities in the UK. Yes, Eden has Glasgow and Aberdeen just a couple of hours north, and Hull, Sheffield and Leeds just a couple of hours south.

It’s probably a coincidence. What do you think?

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