People HR Winter Release Teaser: Never Miss A Trick

December 1, 2016

Never miss a trick

Our winter feature release is right around the corner. We already shared what we’re doing for your Ripple™ Workflow Engine (you can see what’s happening here). So now it’s time to look at two new changes we’ll be making with our next update.

Both are themed around helping you and your team to take care of the finer details at work, so that you never miss a trick.

Get Notified When Employees Change Their Bank or Address Details

We believe that you have better control when you have more options. To help you stay on the ball, we’ve added a new notification to your HR system.

If an employee changes or updates their bank details or address, this will be logged in your notifications area. If this is happening frequently, then you might want to add this as an automatic alert, so that you can make sure relevant departments such as payroll are always kept in the loop.

Remind Managers to Deal With Pending Holiday Requests

Sometimes, things get forgotten. A common pain for employees and HR professionals alike, is outstanding holiday requests.

With the People HR winter release, your HR system will begin sending reminder emails for any pending holiday requests that have only 5 days left until the requested date. These emails will serve as a gentle reminder to managers that they need to approve or reject their outstanding holiday requests.

As an HR professional, this means less loose ends. For your employees, it means a better response rate on holiday requests, which in turn will help them feel more valued.

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