People HR Winter Release Teaser: Org Charts and Timesheets

December 6, 2016

People HR winter release teaser: Org charts and timesheets

As part of our winter release we are making changes to the organisation charts and the timesheets. Today’s teaser looks at these changes we are making in response to overwhelming customer feedback – we hope you enjoy them when they hit your HR system in December.

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Export Your Organisation Chart

During our last release, we improved your organisation chart by letting you add more filters, and zoom in and out for better visibility. However, many customers have told us that they would like to be able to share their organisation charts in other formats outside of their HR system.

Export Org-Chart
Hey presto! With the winter release, we will be giving you the ability to export your organisation chart as a PDF file.

Timesheet Approval

When the winter release goes live, you will be able to add an authorisation process to your timesheets. Turning authorisations ON means that all timesheets will be submitted for approval by the employee’s designated manager.
Here’s a few examples of things you will be able to do when the upgrade goes live:

1. Produce reports for payroll which are based on timsheets submitted.

2. Approve overtime.

3. Approve all projects done by contractors with a click of a button.


Look out for our final teaser before this release goes live

We will be publishing one final teaser before we prepare the launch systems for the People HR winter release. To stay up to date with product news, just find us on social media:

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