People HR Winter Release Teaser: Salaries and Public Holidays

December 8, 2016

Salaries and public holidays

This will be our final teaser before the People HR winter release goes live. Keep reading to find out what else we’re adding to your HR system this December.

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Today’s teaser looks at two more ways we’re improving your HR system with two new features.

An Easier Way To Bulk Update Salaries

We are adding the ability to update salaries in bulk for multiple employees. This lets you take care of company or department-wide pay changes in a matter of seconds.

You will be able to update salaries in bulk either as a percentage of each employee’s most recent salary, or as a fixed amount.

Edit Public Holiday Transactions For Individual Employees

Once the new update goes live, the admin will be able to update the duration of each public holiday transaction on-demand. This helps you make sure entitlements are not wrongly affected by public holidays.

For example, if an employee’s maternity leave stretches over Christmas, then you might not want the Christmas holiday to eat into their maternity entitlement. In this case, you would simply need to set the Christmas deduction for this employee to 0 days.

You will be able to edit public holiday transactions in days or hours, depending on how holiday entitlements are calculated.

Look Out For Our Winter Release Announcement

We will be announcing our winter release soon. To stay up to date with product news, just find us on social media:

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