Five stereotypes about HR software that aren’t always true

December 12, 2016

Five stereotypes about HR software that aren’t always true

You might have a very good reason for avoiding HR software. But if your reason sounds like any of these, then please keep reading:

-HR software is wasted on companies with lower head counts
-HR software will make my role less relevant
-HR software will create more work for us
-HR software is too expensive for my small business
-HR software requires all employees to have PCs

These reasons would be very good reasons not to buy HR software… if they were actually true. But there’s a problem: they’re not. At least, not all of the time.

If you believe these stereotypes blindly, you might be holding your company back. So to help you make a more informed decision, I’m going to talk you through some of these stereotypes. If you still believe they apply to you, then at least you’ll know you’ve made a balanced judgement.

HR software is wasted on companies with lower head counts

You only employ a few people. You don’t process many holiday requests. You can count absences on one hand, and you won’t be hiring any time soon. So why would you need HR software?

As a small company, you might not need to fix attendance issues or launch a 360 degree performance review. But the benefits of HR software go beyond data crunching and large-scale engagement initiatives. In fact, as a small company, HR software can actually help you grow, by guiding you through the tricky minefield of employment legislation and HR best practice.

You aren’t big enough to hire a dedicated HR manager. So what better way to make sure you’re following the right processes than with a lightweight, cloud-based HR system? Alerts, reminders, tips, tutorials and process wizards are all features of a good HR system geared towards smaller companies.

HR software will make my role less relevant

For some reason, a lot of HR practitioners think that an HR system is going to totally replace them. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

HR software doesn’t do your job for you. Rather, it makes you much better at doing your job. Sure, you’ll be spending less time processing holiday requests and populating spreadsheets. But you’ll find yourself quickly filling this time with other more meaningful tasks.

For example, a good HR system will give you access to cutting-edge insights about your workforce. You can use this information to make better hiring decisions, engage your staff, and boost productivity.

HR software doesn’t make your role less relevant. It actually makes your role more relevant.

HR software will create more work for us

On the flip side, some companies avoid HR software because they think it will create more work for their HR and IT teams.

There is a tiny bit of truth in this stereotype. You might find you need to put in a bit of extra work during implementation – such as migrating your data, and learning how to use the system. But once done, HR software will actually reduce your workload and make you more productive. Plus, a good HR software provider will be able to help you with implementation, and a good HR system will be really easy to use.

Regarding your IT team. If you choose a cloud HR system, they won’t even need to know. This is because cloud HR systems are hosted and maintained by your provider, not your in-house team.

HR software is too expensive for small businesses

Traditionally, the cost of buying any sort of enterprise software has been very high. This is because traditional systems were designed to be installed and deployed on your local infrastructure, and were mostly geared towards massive organisations.

These days, the cost of entry for HR software is as low as £1 per month. SaaS providers are driving the price of HR software down, and making it affordable for even the smallest of start-ups.

HR software requires all employees to have a PC

Again, this is a stereotype that comes from the fact that traditional HR systems were installed and deployed on your local infrastructure. Because there is a lot of HR software now available in the cloud, you no longer need a network of PCs to get started.

The best cloud HR software will be optimised for laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. This means that you and your employees will be able to use your HR system from anywhere you have access to an internet browser – without ever having to install any software on a PC.

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