People HR will never sit still. Release highlights from 2016.

December 19, 2016
People HR will never sit still

When we first launched People® HR in 2013, we decided that we would never let our product sit still.

While our HR software has kept the same look and feel over the years, and while it still contains all the core features for helping you tackle essential HR, there’s a lot of new stuff in there, too.

This year, we added more than 50 new features and made 100s of tweaks and improvements.

To celebrate a great 2016, we want to take a quick look at some of the major highlights to show you how our software has evolved this year.

In the beginning…

We started 2016 with a brand new app for smartphones.

Expenses application for smartphones

At the beginning of the year, we launched our brand new expenses module for smartphones. We did this to help you work smarter with your team no matter where in the world you are.
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Summer release

Our summer release saw us introduce lots of new features, and implement lots of requests from our customers. Here are the highlights:

More flexibility with “other events”

As part of our summer release, we changed “other leave” to “other events”, giving you a lot more flexibility as to how you record staff activity on a day to day basis.
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Enhanced reporting for deeper insights

This summer we also injected your query builder with a boatload of new features, including brand new filters and the ability to group your results.
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View documents on your mobile

To help you save on your mobile data usage, we made documents available for preview via your smartphone this summer.
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…plus eight more awesome features added in June

Lots of other things changed with our summer release. These included the introduction of the ME tab for admins, and the ability to clone existing work patterns.
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Autumn release

Our autumn release arrived in stages, because there was so much going on. Here are the main things we added this autumn:

Upgraded applicant tracking system

Just before autumn, we announced changes to your applicant tracking system, including features like unlimited hiring leads and custom auto-response templates.
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Logbook approvals

Once autumn rolled around, we were ready for the next update. We kicked things off by adding an authorisation feature to your logbooks for extra control over who changes what.
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Further upgrades for your applicant tracking system

We gave your ATS a huge update in autumn. As well as the features we already teased, we introduced things like scorecards, screening questions, and extra filters for sifting results.
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Better org chart visibility

Along with the autumn release came better visibility for your organisation chart. Zoom in, zoom out, add filters, and even exclude specific employees.
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Easier calculations for part-time employees

We introduced a brand new feature this autumn: The FTE calculator. This tools lets you automatically calculate full-time equivalents for part-time employees.
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Even MORE features for your applicant tracking system

Did you think we’d finished with your ATS already? Think again. We added new API calls, vacancy reference codes, loads of new bulk actions, and more.
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Building better queries

We improved your query builder by giving you more ways to generate nice-looking data reports, and by adding authorisation levels to protect sensitive data like salary.
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In your pocket

In between our various core product releases, our mobile development team announced the completion of the next major update for the People HR app for Android and IOS.

Book one-hour holidays

We made holiday booking even more flexible via the People HR app for Android and IOS. You can now book holidays as small as one hour.
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Book “other events”

We made the “other events” functionality accessible via the People HR app for Android and IOS. This helps you keep track of your people in greater details, from anywhere.
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Access company documents

When we made company documents more accessible to mobile users, feedback was incredible. We decided to also implement this within the People HR app for Android and IOS.
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Share expense receipts

To further improve our expenses module, we made it possible to upload and share expense receipts directly via the People HR app for Android and IOS.
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App update goes live

In October this year, we pushed the update to the Android and IOS app stores.
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Winter release

Our winter release is very nearly ready, and there are lots of exciting features on their way. Let’s look at the main changes we’re making:

Build logbook actions into your HR workflows

With the winter release, comes an upgrade for your Ripple™ Workflow engine. You will be able to check for logbook actions as part of your HR automation workflows. Yay!
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New alerts and reminders

The winter release also introduces brand new alerts and reminders to make sure you never miss a trick, including automatic reminders sent to managers for pending holiday requests.
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Export your organisation chart and approve your timesheets

Lots of customers asked for the ability to export their organisation chart, and to add approval requirements to timesheets. The winter release delivers both of these features.
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Bulk salaries and editable public holidays

To close off our year of exciting updates, we’re adding the ability to change employee salaries in bulk, and to edit public holiday transactions.
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Are you ready for 2017?

We are ready to tackle 2017 head-on. We already have a ton more features and updates in our pipeline, and we are constantly going through customer feedback and finding new ways of improving our software.

Our goal for 2017 is to give our customers even more ways to get the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

What are your goals for the new year?

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