Five predictions about HR systems for 2017

December 23, 2016
Five predictions about HR systems for 2017

From managing a network of underwater offices, to authorising holiday requests with the power of your mind. These are some of the predictions we made about HR systems for the next 100 years.

But what about the more immediate future? What trends can we expect to see for HR systems in the year 2017?

Here are five things that have been predicted by Business Insider > for the world of HR over the next 12 months. This gives us good insight into what we can expect from HR systems and software in the not-so-distant future.

1. Companies will aim for a more personalised employee experience

2017 will see more importance being placed on the employee experience. This will most likely lead to a greater focus on more personalised talent management practices.

According to Business Insider, organisations will need to rely heavily on technology that will help them support and scale this approach across their workforce.

‘Smart’ learning opportunities already exist within HR systems. These can be both employee-centred and goal-oriented. In the near future, keep a look out for breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms and the ways these can be applied to workforce management.

2. We will see a culture of real-time, continuous feedback

The internet has been flooded with information about millennials recently – including plenty of myths. One thing that we do know about millennials, however, is that a lot of them expect a culture where frequent feedback is the norm.

Throughout 2017, we can expect to see HR departments moving further away from traditional annual appraisals, and closer towards real-time, continuous feedback loops.

HR systems will play an important part in helping your company achieve this. Look for HR software that provides a more holistic approach to performance management, including features like 360 degree feedback.

3. People analytics will surge, taking HR data in new directions

Do you remember when we posted about how the people analytics industry is positioned for a huge boom over the next three years? Well, 2017 will be an important part of this boom.

The boom of people analytics will see us moving beyond typical HR data reporting, such as recruitment and retention. According to Business Insider, HR systems are enabling more sophisticated people analytics that provide new perspectives in strategic areas such as productivity.

4. Performance & engagement will be driven by wellbeing

Both Business Insider and CIPHR agree that 2017 will be a big year for looking at the wellbeing of our workforce.

CIPHR says that wellbeing is going to be a crucial part of the HR retention strategy, while Business Insider says that technology like Fitbit is helping companies to take employee wellness into unchartered territory.

We conducted a survey about health and wellbeing earlier this year, which looks at how much our workforce is impacted by their eating, sleeping, and exercise patterns. You can see the write-up here.

5. Our workforce will become massively mobile

The iPhone 8 will be launched in 2017, and we can expect more employees and HR professionals than ever to be accessing work on their mobile phones.

CIPHR states that 75% of internet usage will be mobile in 2017. This means your HR systems will need to give employees easier ways to manage their time, check their benefits and communicate with HR from their mobile devices.

Look for HR software that is optimised for mobile.

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