People HR winter release teaser: Let’s review performance

January 17, 2017

Let’s review performance

We’re preparing to enhance your performance module, to give you more control over who reviews who.

Here’s what’s coming on January 23rd.

Create custom performance review groups for specific employees

So far, you’ve been able to launch performance reviews for employees based on filters like company, location, department or job role. We realise that performance isn’t always as clear cut as this, which is why we’re giving you a new way to create employee groups for their performance review.

With the People HR winter release, you will be able to create a performance review template that applies to specific employees, by simply tagging their name in the system.

To do this, simply use the new “Employee” field, and start typing their name. When you see the person you want to add, select their name to add it to the group. Performance review groups created like this will not be able to use other filters.

custom performance review groups

Give any user permission to access or edit another employee’s performance review

We understand that it isn’t always an employee’s direct manager conducting the performance review. And sometimes, you might want to bring a 3rd-party evaluator on-board – or even just let another employee see what’s happening with a particular review.

For this reason, we’ve added performance to the permissions menu, to let you assign either read-only, or full access, to another employee’s performance record.

Select “Update” to assign full access, or “View” to assign read-only access.

permission to access or edit another employee’s performance

Are you ready for our January 23rd winter release?

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