Do people in human resources management truly love Pringles?

January 20, 2017
Do people in human resources management truly love Pringles?

I probably don’t know you personally. But if you’re reading this, then you probably love Pringles. You probably tend to buy them from Sainsbury’s, too.

No, I’ve not gone mad. According to YouGov, if you live in the UK and you are interested in human resources management, then there are several things that are likely to be ‘particularly true’ about you.

Let’s find out how right (or wrong) the YouGov statistics are. How many of these statements apply to you? Count your answers, and remember to vote in the poll at the bottom!

Your favourite dish is gingerbread

That’s right, gingerbread. The sweet little treat that is so often shaped into a little person, complete with chocolate eyes and buttons, was voted as a favourite dish by 12.9% of people with an interest in human resources management.

Does this sound like you? If so, give yourself a tick (and remember to tell us your final score at the end).

It’s worth noting that 12.2% of you also have a weak spot for black forest gateau, and 11.6% of you are particularly fond of coconut cookies. Is it just me, or do you guys have a serious sweet tooth?

You are a fan of Pringles

Apparently, 29.1% of you identify as a Pringles customer. Yes, we’re talking about the unique-shaped potato snack that comes in a cardboard tube.

Now, I’m not sure what it means to identify as a Pringles customer. It could mean you buy them every so often for parties… but it could also mean that you’re secretly consuming a tube (or more) per day!

It’s more exciting to imagine HR departments all over the country hiding a secret obsession for popping without stopping, so only give yourself a tick here if you particularly love Pringles.

You shop a lot at Sainsbury’s

25.2% of you say that you shop at Sainsbury’s. This is a pretty high number, considering that only 19% of the general population says the same thing!

But is it true? Do you shop a lot at Sainsbury’s? If so, give yourself a tick.

Your favourite film is Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

You’re a very specific bunch, aren’t you? Apparently, 17% of you consider Attack of the Clones a favourite movie – yet none of the other Star Wars films are anywhere in sight.

The film also stood out yards ahead of its closest competitor, GoldenEye, at just 6.8%. What is it about Attack of the Clones that you particularly like? What’s wrong with the rest of the Star Wars franchise? If you can share some insight, please do so in the comments below.

Either way, if this statement is true for you, then give yourself a tick, and bookmark this page for later: 5 HR lessons from Star Wars.

You totally love Mark Twain

Finally, let’s look at one of your top Facebook pages. Apparently, Mark Twain is a top Facebook page for 13.2% of people who like human resources management.

Because this article is exploring HR stereotypes, and how many of them you might fit, this feels like the perfect opportunity for a Mark Twain quote:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”

So… do you like Mark Twain? If so, give yourself a tick… while you pause to reflect.

How many of these statements were true about you?

OK, it’s time to declare your score using the poll below.

How many of the above statements were true about you?


Was reading this article like looking at a mirror of your own soul? Or was it totally off the mark?

Please note that this article is just a bit of fun. It certainly does not represent our opinion of HR professionals! Also, it is possible that since publishing this content, YouGov may have updated their page as they have gathered more data. You can see their page yourself here for more up to date statistics.

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