How People® helps me build trustworthy HR data reports

January 27, 2017
Trustworthy HR data reports

Today’s customer story comes from Diane Wright – Slendertone’s ambitious HR generalist, who was frustrated at how hard it was to ensure HR data was consistently accurate.

Diane takes care of 110 employees at Slendertone

Diane Wright is an HR Generalist at Slendertone, a privately owned company specialising in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of medical grade products for muscle strengthening and rehabilitation.

With 110 employees to take care of, Diane handles a lot of HR data. And she knows how important it is to make sure the data is accurate and reliable. After all, many important business decisions are made off the back of HR data she collects – she has to be confident that she can build data reports that her company can trust.

Too much HR data was duplicated. Reporting on simple metrics was a nightmare!

Diane used to handle all of her HR data using spreadsheets. Lots, and lots, of spreadsheets.

“Reporting on simple HR metrics like absence was really time consuming” she says. “Data was duplicated, and everything had to be checked and double checked to ensure our reports and communications were accurate.”

What’s more, Diane and her team were running two different systems – spreadsheets for HR information, and a very basic performance management software system.

We needed an integrated solution that gave us data we could trust

“The management team knew the importance of goal setting and performance” Diane says “but the tool was difficult to use and update. And it didn’t integrate with our HR information databases – everything was being moved around manually.”

Diane and her management team were feeling frustrated. They needed to find a system that tied both HR data and performance management together – and they needed data reports they could trust, without investing hours into cross-checking and double-checking inputs and outputs!

So, we worked with Slendertone to show them how People® ties performance and HR information together into one integrated system. After giving Diane and her team a tour of the software, we were delighted when she told us it was just what she’d been looking for.

I can now trust the data I use on a daily basis…

Since implementing People®, Diane says she has been spending more of her time proactively adding value to the business.

“I can now trust the data I use on a daily basis” she says. “At the touch of a button, I can create lovely, accurate reports on the metrics that matter to our organisation. I can now be more proactive in adding value to the business.”

…and employees are more focused on their goals

Diane’s management team are equally delighted with their new HR system. Their employees are engaging with the self-service functionality, and managers are able to review employee performance in real-time.

“This is helpful because there is more flexibility” Diane tells me. “When goals change, we can immediately tweak the performance review to adjust this. It’s much better than waiting for the more formal timelines, and now we have more employees focused on their goals.”

We love hearing stories like Diane’s – and we hope you do to. Why not visit Slendertone’s website here?

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