Corazon Health engages their workforce with People® HR

February 27, 2017

Corazon Health engages their workforce with People® HR
Julie Smith is the office manager at Corazon Health. As well as 101 other duties, Julie is responsible for looking after the information of 47 employees, and taking care of their HR-related concerns.

Corazon Health was established in 2002, and has a strong reputation as an outstanding occupational health services provider. But when Julie joined the company in February 2016, she had a few concerns about how internal HR processes were being managed.

Finding the right information was a regular challenge!

“Employee records, holiday requests and sickness absence were recorded in different places using a combination of Word, Access and Excel.” says Julie. “Employee records were also disorganised!”

She reported that employee files were a combination of physical paper and virtual files, with different information saved in different formats in different places.

“Compiling sickness absence & holiday reports was not necessarily as accurate as we wanted” she admits, “and finding the right information in a timely fashion was a regular challenge!”

I wanted to engage our entire workforce – not just those based at Head Office

The problem Julie describes is a common problem associated with successful, growing organisations. It’s nothing more than a sign of growing pains. But if left unattended, this can lead to even bigger issues – something Julie was not willing to allow on her watch!

“With a number of staff who are based regionally, we needed to find a platform that would help engage everybody – not just those based at Head Office!” she explains. “Employee retention & engagement is incredibly important to us as a company, and we wanted a system that not only consolidated our information, but that supported our wider HR strategy.”

We are now focusing more on the wellbeing of our workforce

Since joining People®, Julie has reported lots of noticeable benefits for both herself, and her whole workforce.

“We love being able to share news, and publicly give thanks to each other” she says, “not to mention that we’re now able to respond faster to holiday requests, offer responsive support for worrying absence patterns, and ensure that core engagements are carried out regularly and consistently across the board.”

Julie adds that what was once convoluted and tiresome, is now streamlined, efficient, and accurate.

“We’ve got an intuitive system we can trust!” she says. “Key documents like the Employee Handbook have been shared, read and signed off, and we have much more time to concentrate on things like wellbeing, which is crucial to our business growth & development.”

Learn more about Corazon Health

Corazon Health is an occupational health provider. They offer bespoke occupational health services across the nation, through their network of nurses, to various industries. These include education, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals – and many more.

Corazon Health strongly believes in maintaining excellent communication with their clients and suppliers, to deliver an outstanding service. You can learn more about their business by visiting their website here:

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