How to make sure your job vacancies get indexed on Indeed

March 14, 2017

How to make sure your job vacancies get indexed on Indeed

As you know, People® now integrates with Indeed. This means that when you post a job vacancy within People®, it can be automatically shared with job seekers on Indeed.

Some of our customers noticed that although their vacancies were being sent to Indeed, they were not being found. This is to do with how jobs are indexed in search results. This video shows you what to do to make sure your job vacancies get seen by job seekers on Indeed.

Two things you need to do to get your job found on Indeed

In a nutshell, this boils down to two simple tasks. If you do this with all of your job vacancies, then they will be found by job seekers on Indeed:

  1. Enter a job title. This is really important, as Indeed requires a job title before your vacancy is shown to potential candidates.
  2. Enter a city. Indeed uses the job location to show results to job seekers. We realise that you might have the same job opening in multiple locations. But if you don’t enter a city, then your vacancy is unlikely to show up in job searches via Indeed. If you have multiple jobs at multiple sites, then we recommend posting multiple vacancies using different cities for each. Or, if you’re not 100% sure which location the final job role will be working from – because you are flexible, for example – then pick the city most likely to host the new employee. Or you could use the city where your Head Office is based.
  3. Enter a country!

Make sure you update your existing job vacancies

If you already have active vacancies, you can update them to make sure they show up within Indeed search results. All you need to do is edit your vacancy, and make sure you have entered a job role and a city.

It is really important that you do this for existing vacancies if you wish them to be found via Indeed. If you do not do this, your vacancies might not be found by Indeed users.

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