How Kuoni Travel eliminated HR data duplication with People®

March 29, 2017
How Kuoni Travel eliminated HR data duplication

Glenn Hallett is the senior HR executive at Kuoni Travel. Operating in the UK since 1965, the leading luxury travel company employs more than 550 people, and provides tailor-made holidays and honeymoons to more than 90 destinations worldwide.

Double data entry was dragging HR down

Glenn was having a few issues with duplication. His HR system was not communicating well with his payroll software, and his ATS (applicant tracking system) was another kettle of fish altogether.

This meant that his team was having to input data multiple times across multiple systems. For example, after loading new starters or leavers into his previous HR system, he would then need to repeat the exact same action within his payroll software. And his ATS had no interface with either his HR software or his Payroll software – which meant extra effort making sure the data they were inputting (twice) accurately matched the data coming from his ATS.

As a leader within a growing business, Glenn knew that the data duplication was slowing down progress. He needed a system that would not just automatically communicate HR data across multiple platforms, but one that would be flexible enough to grow along with his workforce.

“We needed a ‘single point of truth’ for all HR data”

Glenn knew exactly what he needed.

My requirements were for a self-service HR tool that had the potential to grow with our business, and that integrated seamlessly with a payroll system” he said. “With 50 separate locations, we needed our HR tool to also allow communication and interaction across our entire network.

But the most important requirement for Glenn, was finding a “single point of truth” for all HR-related data. From payroll to recruitment, Glenn needed to know that if he made amendments in one area of HR, that it would be accurately reflected in all others.

People HR was the single point of truth Kuoni Travel needed

People HR now provides Kuoni Travel with modern, cloud-based HR software. The in-built ATS means that Glenn can hire candidates directly into the HR system – without having to re-input data crosscheck for accuracy. And because the software integrates with his payroll application, there is far less duplication when it comes to sharing information across internal software systems.

We are still ironing out a few final niggles” laughs Glenn, talking about his decision to switch to People HR. “But I have found People HR to be the supportive, ‘single point of truth’ we were looking for.

Glenn states that his HR department are enjoying greatly improved efficiencies across almost all HR processes, and is already considering the potential the software might have in other areas of business, as the People HR development team continue working on new features, upgrades and integrations.

About Kuoni Travel

Kuoni Travel UK is part of DER Touristik, one of Europe’s leading travel groups. Kuoni has continued to set the pace in luxury worldwide travel in the UK market for over fifty years and is regularly voted one of the best holiday companies in the country by readers of national newspapers and travel industry titles. The company excels in creating tailor-made holidays and honeymoons to more than 90 destinations around the world. Since 2008 Kuoni has grown its retail network across the UK and can be found in 47 locations on premium high streets and in selected John Lewis department stores. Each store is unique in design and showcases Kuoni’s Personal Travel Experts and personalised customer service. You can learn more by visiting their website here.

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