People® HR release – Spring 2017 (part one)

March 30, 2017
People HR release – Spring 2017

Spring is in the air – and so is another feature release from People®. On the 31st March, we’ll be launching the first part of our Spring 2017 feature release. And we’re adding some pretty cool stuff!

You can catch up on what’s new by watching this 5-minute video by product trainer Gareth, or if video is not an option, you can read more below.

New features for your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

We’ve been focusing most of our attention on the Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) for this release. And this month, you’ll see a few additions.

For example, you’ll be able to hide salaries from candidates applying for roles via external job sites. We are also adding several new notifications, such as:

  • Job creator will be alerted when an application is approved or declined
  • You can send a reminder to job approvers if they’re taking too long to decide
  • New acknowledgement email when candidates submit their application

We’ve also added the ability to define internal questions too, to help you discuss candidates with your colleagues – without the candidate seeing the commentary.

There are two more features we’re really looking forward to releasing for your ATS:

  1. Create internal vacancies. You can decide whether a vacancy is internal, external, or both. This means there will now be two different RSS feeds for vacancies – internal and external.
  2. New mail merge tags and CC/BCC for templates. You can now add new mail merge tags to include interview to/from time, and you’ll be able to add CC and BCC addresses, and save these into your templates.

Oh, and we’ve included a new report within your Query Builder to help you track candidates as they progress through each stage within the ATS.

Add custom help text for Performance Management segments

When using the Performance Management feature, you’ll now have the option to add your own custom help text to each segment. Now, when creating a segment, the software will ask you for both a title and a description.

The text you enter into the “description” box will become this segment’s help text. Your employees will see this text when they hover over the segment within their performance review.

This will help you keep your segment titles short and snappy, while managing to clarify exactly what this particular segment is about.

General system improvements

Finally, we’ve made several more general improvements to your People® HR software. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Add bulk work patterns. We added this because we know you sometimes need to assign the same work pattern to several people at once – especially when setting up your HR system for the first time!
  • Add zero-hour weeks to work patterns. Helpful for creating work patterns for employees who work two weeks on, followed by two weeks off.
  • Mail merge continuous service date and manager email address. There could be several uses for this, but we think you’ll probably find this most useful when creating Ripple processes, because you’ll be able to tell employees which email address they need for their manager.
  • See comments for holiday, other events and timesheets. When an employee adds comments to their holiday, other events or timesheets, you’ll now be able to see them!
  • Other events no longer include maternity, paternity or emergency leave. You will now add these independently.
  • Delete logbook requests. Administrators can now delete these requests if they wish.

Oh, and we’ve also changed the calculation for Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). This means that when a person leaves your company, the calculation for their pro-rata holiday will be amended.

Enjoy our first Spring 2017 feature release – and keep your eyes open for the next

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