Chat – coming soon to the People® HR App

April 4, 2017
hat – coming soon to the PeopleHR app

We’re preparing to launch a chat feature for the People® HR app. While we finish tinkering, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of what to expect.

How chat will work within the People® HR app for Android and iPhone

If you activate the chat functionality, the People® HR app will let employees chat with certain people in your company.

Admins will be able to chat to everybody in the system. Managers will be able to chat to the system administrator, plus members of their team. Employees will be able to chat to their manager, or the system administrator.

Chat directly from the company directory

You’ll see a chat option next to the names you can chat to directly from the company directory.

Start a chat from employee details screen

You’ll also be able to start a chat from each employee details screen.

Very familiar and easy to understand

The chat functionality is easy to understand, and has a very familiar design. The chat conversation window looks a lot like an SMS conversation!

Delete or save your conversations

You can browse your ongoing chats, and select the conversation you’d like to visit. This will open up the full conversation history.

Delete or save your conversations

If you’ve finished with a chat, you can either delete it, or save it in your archive. Only managers and administrators will be able to archive chats.

Conversations are available as PDF files

When you save a chat to your archive, it will be added to the employee record as a PDF file. You’ll be able to choose who can access this archived chat.

The importance of mobile chat for your business

The ability to start, record, and save conversations with your team members and managers is a great way to keep your workforce connected, and “on the record”, wherever they may be. It’s all part of our mission to support a workforce that is on the go.

You can learn more about our mobile strategy by watching our video here.

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