10 Pointers To Help You Find New Stars

May 15, 2017

10 Pointers To Help You Find New Stars

The kind of people you want, you know, the ones who come out of the blocks running, who don’t need to be told what to do, and who just get it done, are becoming scarce. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. But, with the right efforts you can find them, but they’ll be in demand. And to bag these stars, you’ll need to show them your company is a worthy investment too.

1. Make your staff happy.

The biggest talent magnet for your business is happy and engaged staff. So spend time finding out what makes your staff tick, so you can create an attractive and engaging employee environment.

2. Leave no stone unturned.

Jobs boards and social media are a good place to find talent, but studies show that word of mouth is still far and away the best way to find staff. So turn your network into talent scouts by offering a bonus if they find talent.

3. Attitude counts.

Science has shown time and time again that workers don’t tend to fail in jobs due to lack of technical skills, they fail due to not having the right attitude to fit your business. Find out what attitude the best people in your business have and hire candidates who match it.

4. Show your personality.

New hires are drawn towards attractive company cultures with a bit of personality. But, many employers fail to reflect their personality in the job description and come across as a little wooden. Liven up your job descriptions by reflecting the character and personality of your business.

5. First mover advantage is crucial.

Employers often lose candidates to the competition simply because they move too slowly. Develop a fast selection process of no more than a month so you have first mover advantage on talent.

6. Structure the interviews.

It can often seem more natural to have an informal chat at interview, but science shows that using a standard questionairre for everyone, which assesses the key skill areas of the job, will mean you make a better assessment.

7. Ask candidates to discuss examples.

When candidates talk about their skills encourage them to give examples of how they have successfully used their skills in a real situation. If they have done it before, chances are they can do it for you.

8. Find out what makes candidate’s tick.

During the interview, find out what their key motivational ‘buttons’ and dealbreakers are. Use this info to make an enticing offer when the time comes.

9.Make your business sound appealing during interview.

Top candidates will have alternatives and you will need to make the business sound appealing if you want to attract them. That’s just the way things are today.

10. Take them for a test drive.

The best way to test a candidate is to have them do the job so try and arrange a trial morning or trial assignment where you can see how well they perform the actual job. It’s the most reliable way to assess people, simple.

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