People HR Spring Release Notes 2017 (Part Two)

May 22, 2017

Part two of our Spring 2017 feature release went live on 19th May. You’ll now notice lots of new functionality and flexibility within your HR software. Here are the main improvements we’ve made.

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Lock half days against holiday bookings

Locking specific dates against holiday requests has always been a very helpful tool for many of our customers. It helps them to plan for key events, or busy days in their company calendar. But sometimes, you don’t need to lock a full day against holiday requests – you only need a morning or an afternoon.

Lock half days against holiday bookings

Part two of our Spring Release 2017 lets you isolate single half-days against holiday requests. If you lock the morning, employees can still request holidays for that same afternoon, and vice versa. You’ll be able to display the reason why the half day was locked, to help employees understand why they’re unable to request holiday during this time.

More ways to manage your tasks

We’ve improved the tasks screen in a number of ways.

More ways to manage your tasksFor example, you now have the ability to:

  • Filter tasks by date range or task category
  • Sort your task list based on date, category, description or employee name
  • Close all completed tasks in one bulk action
  • Add notes to a task on the task details screen
  • Create system notifications when a new task is assigned
  • Create system notifications when a task has been completed
  • Edit an automatic task created by the new starter wizard

Approve expenses in your browser

When we first launched the expenses module, we made it exclusive to the People HR app. Now, however, you’ll be able to view and approve expense reports from the web application, giving you more control over when and how you handle expenses.

Approve expenses in your browser

When logged in via your browser, expense requests will show up in your ‘Authorisations’ tab. Managers can then approve or reject each request – or, in a manager’s absence, the administrator can do this on the manager’s behalf. If you delete an expense, you’ll be able to add a comment explaining why you did so.

Accessing expenses via the web application now also opens up the ability to download individual receipt images, as well as request images to be downloaded automatically via the query tool.

New US and UK-friendly date format

To support our international clients, we have added a new type of date format: DD/MMM/YYYY. For example: 22/JAN/2016.

This is particularly helpful for companies with offices in both the UK and the USA, because it can be used at both locations, with far less confusion.

New US and UK-friendly date format

This brings the total number of date formatting options to four, which are as follows:





Condense goal notifications into a weekly breakdown

We’ve condensed the frequency of goal notifications into a single weekly breakdown, meaning you’ll still get the information you need, but you’ll have fewer daily notifications to contend with.

Improved password security

Information security is very important to our company

Improved password security

We realise that security is likely very important to you, too. So we’ve armed you with extra ways to ensure employees are keeping their accounts safe. These are:

  1. You may now set your own password expiry duration. Once this timeframe passes, employees will be required to create a new password before they can login to the system again.
  2. Stronger password requirements. Passwords must now contain at least 8 characters, at least one upper case and one lower case letter, at least one number and at least one symbol.

Customise system timeout length

By default, employees who do not interact with the software for 60 minutes are automatically logged out. This is a good security measure, as it works as a safeguard in case an employee accidentally leaves their computer logged on while it is unattended.

Customise system timeout length

However, we realise that some customers may wish this timeout to take place faster than 60 minutes. Therefore, the new release now gives you the option to customise session timeout length. You can define any length, from 1-60 minutes.

Hourly pro-rata holiday calculations

We’ve introduced an easier way to calculate pro-rata holiday entitlement entitlements when adding a new starter – this was previously a manual exercise.

Hourly pro-rata holiday calculations

Simply use the new “Help me calculate” feature to get an instant calculation.

Create short public holiday dates

You’ll now be able to create public holidays that last less than a day. This is perfect for times when you want to give employees a half day public holiday, for example.

Create short public holiday dates

The new feature lets you define the length of a public holiday, in quarter-day chunks: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.

Design multiple accrual rules based on different criteria

We’ve totally unleashed the flexibility with which you can create holiday accrual rules for employees. Now, you can create and define multiple rulesets, based on criteria like company, location, department, job role, LOS and employment type.  You’ll also be able to create custom rules for individual employees or custom groups of employees.

To help you run your business in your preferred style, you’re now able to schedule accrual calculations to run on either the first or the last day of each month. You can also create accrual rules for other events – not just holiday entitlement.

Design multiple accrual rules based on different criteria

As this may be brand new territory, you’ll be able to test your filter criteria before you define each rule. This helps you ensure you’re building the right rules for the right groups of people – and there are tools to help you check for employees with no rules assigned, so that you can either assign a rule or build one, as well as tools to show you any employees who may have multiple rules assigned.

One final useful feature we’ve added, is the ability to check how much holiday entitlement an employee will have by a certain date in the future – simply specify a future date, and the system will tell you how much holiday entitlement will be available by this point.

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