How The Lead Agency manages flexitime with this clever API integration

July 26, 2017

How The Lead Agency manages flexitime with this clever API integration

It takes an incredible workforce to provide quality lead generation and customer acquisition services to ambitious clients with big growth targets. But that’s exactly what The Lead Agency has been doing for 15 years. Their 100-strong team is made up of digital marketers, developers, designers and UX experts, content creators and customer service specialists – to name just a few.

The Lead Agency rewards its team with a wide range of perks, from personal training sessions to a free bar every Friday – they certainly understand the importance of a happy and healthy workforce. But perhaps their biggest initiative so far, has been their introduction of ‘flexitime’ – a way of working that encourages a healthier work-life balance.

This is the story of how The Lead Agency uses the People® API to help employees get the most out of flexitime – and how this has also led to increased productivity and business output.

Flexitime encourages a healthy work-life balance

Luke Miles, Head of Development, explains that striking a good balance of work and play is a big part of The Lead Agency’s culture. For this reason, it made perfect sense to introduce flexitime – employees would all work to agreed ‘core hours’, and then fit in the rest of their work around whatever is going off at home.

When the company first introduced flexitime a few years ago, they were excited to see how it encouraged a healthy work-life balance. But as with many companies that were used to a traditional way of working, The Lead Agency’s management were keen to ensure it would not only be something that was useful to staff, but that could also benefit the business’s output and performance.

To achieve that, the company recognised it would be important to record how people were using the new flexitime approach, and to then marry that with productivity levels and results. However, the last thing it wanted was to introduce laborious spreadsheets or ask staff to log their hours. So The Lead Agency began to look at some of its existing systems to see if they could find a better way.

Our new security door system seemed like the perfect place to start

For security purposes, The Lead Agency had recently installed a new door system for the office that required employees to scan a fob to enter. However, the team identified that security might not be the only benefit of this new door system.

Anybody who learns programming becomes sort of hard-wired to look for efficiencies everywhere” Luke explains, “and we felt we could be doing more with our existing systems. We thought there was an opportunity there to do something different.

The Lead Agency quickly assembled a crack squad of engineers, and assigned them a challenge: do something with the new door system to eliminate flexitime spreadsheets.

We used the People® API to connect our doors with our software

The first breakthrough the team discovered, was that their HR system – People® – had its own API. This meant they could find a way to integrate fob swipes with employee records. So they started talking to the People® team, to explore the technical documentation.

As soon as we knew there was an API, we managed to build an awesome integration between our door fob system, our timesheet software, and our HR system. All three tools now talk to each other, and flexitime is automatically recorded. When an employee turns up to work, they scan their fob – which updates their timesheet. This then feeds into People®, which tells us things like absence information, and accrued holiday entitlement.

Luke says that the team’s biggest challenge was exporting the data from the door fob system into a format that was intelligible. But once they’d crossed that bridge, everything clicked into place. They’ve now been using this integration for over a year, and everybody seems really happy with how it works. Employees can manage their own time, and the company has the data make efficient business decisions.

Flexitime is helping The Lead Agency deliver even better results for clients

Flexitime achieved its goal of helping employees achieve a better work-life balance. But did it go beyond employee wellbeing, and also help The Lead Agency increase business output? Luke says absolutely.

Thanks to flexitime, if we have a deadline to meet and we’re feeling the pressure, employees don’t usually mind staying an extra hour or two in an evening” Luke explains. “In many environments, employees avoid overtime, because it’s time they’re never going to see again. But with flexitime, employees know that whenever they need to spend longer on a project at work, they will be able to get that time back.

This puts The Lead Agency in a great position to really deliver on complex projects. They can operate with so much more flexibility, and they can be more responsive to the market they serve.

In future, we’ll be linking our careers website with our HR system

After their successful first venture into using the People® API, Luke says they have lots more exciting plans going forward.

We’re now exploring what we can do to connect our careers website with the People® ATS” he says. “Our business keeps growing, and it’s integrations like this that will stop unnecessary administrative roadblocks from getting in the way of our success.

We wish The Lead Agency the very best of luck with future projects. And we hope they continue finding creative solutions that help their business grow!

Do you want to use the People® API, too?

At the end of this month, we’ll be releasing a new set of API calls for you to tinker with.

If you’re not yet using the People® API within your company, then take a look, and get creative – we’d love to see how you decide to use it.

And if you share your integrations with us in the comments below, or by dropping us a line, then we’ll even send you a free t-shirt to say thanks!

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