People® Feature Release Summer 2017

July 28, 2017


People® Feature Release Summer 2017Yesterday, we launched our Summer feature release. There are now loads of exciting new things you can do with your People® HR software.

Most of our release is dedicated to your developers – the people who tinker with the nuts and bolts in the background. So before you read any further, drop your development team a message and ask them to come and see you right now!

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about the other things we’ve done.

In total, we’ve made more than 80 changes. Many of these changes are simple functionality tweaks and improvements – which you can read about here – but there are a couple of big, exciting new additions, too:

  1. Pulse Surveys. Keep your finger on the pulse by taking snapshots of employee feedback any time you like.
  2. Extended API. This is the one your developers will want to read. Why? Because more API calls mean more flexibility for new integrations. Plus, we’re giving away free t-shirts!

So let’s explore Pulse Surveys and our extended API in a little more detail – hopefully by the time you’ve finished with Pulse, your development team will have arrived.

Keep your finger on the pulse with Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys are a great way to gather frequent feedback from employees, to keep engagement levels high – all year round. Our brand new Pulse feature is designed especially for the People HR mobile app, and gives you a way to reach specific groups of employees, to gather instant, targeted feedback, no matter where in the world they are.

  • Create single survey questions and send immediately
  • Ask for answers in different formats – multiple choice, sliding scales, or text
  • Send questions to specific groups, or to your entire workforce
  • Smartphone notifications to get questions seen immediately
  • Gather feedback in real-time, analyse results, and take action

We are moving away from the days of the annual employee feedback survey. Pulse gets right to the heart of an issue, and provides rapid insight about the health of your organisation – for regular health checks all year round.

Build exciting new integrations with our extended API

We’ve extended our API to help you connect People HR with your favourite business applications in even more ways.

As well as all previous API calls that were available to developers, you can now also use the API to pull information from the following areas:

  • Logbook screens. This will include the default screens that come with the system, and any custom information screens you build yourself.
  • Late records. You can now introduce punctuality into your integrations.
  • Maternity/Paternity. Do your other systems need parental leave data?
  • ATS documents. Any documents uploaded by applicants into your ATS can now be pulled through using the API.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then why not read about ?

Just want to sync two systems? Try using a Webhook instead

If you don’t feel up to writing a full-blown integration between two unique platforms, then you can always simply sync data using something called a Webhook.

A Webhooks lets you setup an interface that syncs data between two systems. For example, if you sync your payroll system with your HR system using a Webhook, then changing an employee’s surname in one, would also update the other.

Send us your integration stories to get a FREE developer t-shirt

If you’re already using our API – or if you plan to use it in the near future – then remember, we’re giving away free t-shirts to developers who share their integration story. Read this post for more details.

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