10 Top Tips For a Great Work Space

August 14, 2017

10 Top Tips For a Great Work Space

1. Location, Location, Location.

Prime locations cost more but they can be worth the money in terms of their ability to attract talent, and so should not be overlooked, and try to pick a location that suits the needs and the kind of employees that work for you.

2. Get great/free parking and great public transport links.

Get both if you can. If your office location has neither free parking or great transport links it will be a liability and it will be a deterrent to new staff and a frustration to existing staff.

3. Make it easy for people to cycle or run to work.

Staff who exercise prior to work will be more switched on mentally during the day and will of course be healthier. Encourage cycling by having well positioned, lockable bays for bikes very near to the building, along with onsite showers.

4. Pick a site that’s near a gym.

If your office has a gym on site, then that’s great and will enhance your image. Failing that, choose a site that is near a gym and your employees can easily exercise before and after work.

5. Proximity to the high street.

Try and pick a location with proximity to a high street, (15 minute walk), which will enable your team to run errands at lunch time or before work and to socialize more easily with each other.

6. Let employees design the work-space.

It’s about time we went into the office! Studies show that employees who have some say in the design and the layout of the office are happier, healhier and more productive – so listen to employee suggestions for a better work-space.

7. Let staff personalize their workspace.

Those darn scientists have been at it again. Just when you thought it was safe to tidy the desks. Research shows that employees who are allowed to personalize their workspace have a higher sense of well-being.

8. Private work-spaces.

Now, we know you can’t afford to give everyone corner offices, but research shows that employees can be less productive when trying to do focussed work due to distractions in an open plan office. Create quiet work-spaces where staff can go when they need to concentrate.

9. Breakout areas.

Discussions can often break out in work areas which can be distracting for staff not involved in the discussion so create an informal break out space where staff can have discussions without taking it to the level of a meeting.

10. Let there be natural light.

Studies shows that workers with more natural light during working hours feel more physically and mentally effective throughout the day. Think carefully about the light levels and choose offices with lots of natural light.

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