GDPR – what have we learned so far?

January 3, 2018

GDPR – what have we learned so far?Image By Ivan Marc / Shutterstock, Inc
It’s 2018 – the year GDPR will become part of UK legislation. Yet findings by Alert Logic suggest that only 5% of EU companies believe they are in compliance with all GDPR requirements.

We’ve written a lot about GDPR recently, and created several resources to help you prepare. So we thought you might like to start the new year by recapping on everything we’ve learned so far.

Where to start with GDPR

If you’re still getting your head around the idea of GDPR, then our article “Where to start with GDPR” is a great place to begin your journey, no matter what position you play in your company.

We talk about the steps you should take right now, from familiarising yourself with GDPR provisions, to hiring a legal expert to help you implement changes.

Four things HR will be responsible for after GDPR

If you work in HR, then you’ll need to know how GDPR might affect you directly. Our article “Four things HR will be responsible for after GDPR” aims to tackle the biggest changes you’ll face in your department.

The article covers:

  1. Gaining consent to process employee data
  2. New rights for employees as data subjects
  3. Subject access rights
  4. Breach reporting

Is your HR software secure?

If you use HR software to manage employee data, you’ll need to feel confident that it’s being kept securely. Our article “Is your HR software provider keeping employee data safe?” will help you make a decision.

If you’re still using spreadsheets and paper files, you may find GDPR more difficult to comply with.

Ask tricky GDPR questions in our LinkedIn group

We’ve created a LinkedIn group specifically to connect HR professionals with GDPR experts. This means you can discuss difficult topics, ask tricky questions, and connect with like-minded professionals in a purpose-built environment.

  • Discuss HR & GDPR
  • Find answers to questions like “Do I need consent to process employee data?”
  • Connect with fellow professionals and expand your network

Join our HR & GDPR group on LinkedIn today:

Further reading on GDPR

We’ve put together a dedicated page on our website, to help you understand GDPR:

This will give you:

  • A summary of GDPR and tips for your organisation
  • Advice on your responsibilities as a People HR customer
  • Information about HR & GDPR

And if you simply want a list of key changes, an FAQ page, and a countdown timer for GDPR, you can visit EU GDPR here:

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