How Human Appeal streamlines processes with the People HR API

January 30, 2018

How Human Appeal streamlines processes with the People HR API

Human Appeal is an international relief and development agency. They began their journey 25 years ago from a small flat in Manchester, and now work in 24 countries, providing humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives.

In order to run their non-profit organisation as efficiently as possible, Human Appeal has streamlined many of their systems and processes. This allows them to focus their resources on initiatives like their Orphan Appeal, and their Clean Water for Ghaza campaign.

Integrating People HR with other software

Human Appeal’s business analyst, Amran Zahir, says that the API functionality within People HR helps the organisation to streamline their administration. They use the People HR API to link three other systems with their HR software:

  • RotaCloud
  • Sage
  • TapInOut

“It’s amazing how quick and easy it is to use” Zahir explains, “it is a brilliant addition to People HR.”

RotaCloud integration connects Human Appeal’s call centre

The first time Human Appeal used People HR’s API functionality, was to connect their HR system with their rota software.

“We have a call centre that requires a rota” says Zahir, “so we required it to integrate with People HR. Now, all data that is updated within People HR is automatically synched to RotaCloud. It was a quick and easy process.”

RotaCloud integration connects Human Appeal’s

Saving time and trees with the Sage integration

The next process Human Appeal wanted to streamline, was payroll.

“Previously, the payroll clerk would be taking updates from HR, and manually inputting the data through to Sage” says Zahir. “Now, updates are shared electronically, and employees can access up to date payslips online. This means as well as cutting out manual data entry, we’ve saved a lot of paper – we don’t have to physically print out payslips and hand them out to employees any more.”

Saving time and trees with the Sage integration
Zahir is happy that all important HR information is now shared with Payroll electronically, from leaver and starter information, to address and salary changes.

Reception areas are being kitted out with iPads for clocking in and out

Zahir is perhaps happiest with People HR’s TapInOut integration – an app which lets employees clock in and out of work.
“We have now placed iPads in the reception area for all employees to clock in and out” says Zahir. “We launched this in our France office first, and will soon implement it in our other offices such as Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia and Canada.”

The TapInOut app was built by the People HR developers, as a way of integrating the HR system with an effective way to clock in and out.

Create your own integrations

To discover existing integrations that you can connect with People HR, visit our Integrations page here:

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