How Circle IT cut employee turnover from 54% to 15%

August 29, 2018

Jennifer Griffiths started her career in Operations. However, she soon fell into a role in HR – because she had noticed a lot of employees leaving, and she wanted to do something about it.

The average cost per hire in the UK is thought to be more than £5,000. So there’s no surprise that when Jennifer Griffiths reduced employee turnover from 54% to 15%, her company saved more than £100,000.

Press play to watch Jennifer’s story, and learn how what she did to slash employee turnover to a fraction of its previous rate.

How Jennifer reduced turnover for Circle IT

When Jennifer noticed high turnover, she launched an employee survey to find out how employees were feeling. But simply launching an employee survey is not enough – you need to act on the feedback you receive, in order to build a better environment for employees.

Examples of things Jennifer did off the back of the employee survey, include:

  1. Provided free parking for all employees
  2. Introduced an employee feedback and suggestions area
  3. Launched a fresh approach to personal development

There’s plenty more that Jennifer did – and if you watch the video, you’ll discover her story. But the important message is not the actions Jennifer took. It’s the fact that she gathered feedback, and actually acted on it.

Thanks to Jennifer, HR now has a strategic seat at the boardroom table, and Circle IT enjoy happier, more motivated employees, and much lower employee turnover figures. They also won an award for employee engagement!

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About Circle IT

Circle IT is a specialist company providing IT support and services, to various businesses. They support SME’s through to large, multi-sited organisations. To find out more about Circle IT, visit their website here.

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