Changing the narrative on mental health in the workplace

May 7, 2019

Last week, I shared a video of myself talking about why you should talk about mental health in the workplace. This week, I’d like to follow that up, with a video from ex-Mental Health Nurse, Stacy Thomson, who is here to talk about how we should be changing the narrative on mental health in the workplace.

In this video, Stacy talks about how the phrase ‘mental health’ does not only apply to the mentally ill. And actually, we all have ‘mental health’ – it exists within all of us, as a sliding scale, that can even fluctuate daily.

Stacy Thomson is now part of The Performance Club – a business dedicated to helping enhance mental health and wellbeing.

If you enjoyed Stacy’s words, you might also enjoy watching Professor Sir Cary Cooper share his thoughts: How to build a culture of employee wellbeing.


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