Is your mobile device at work policy smart and safe?

December 2, 2020

Some years ago – it was 2009, to be precise – an old boss of mine caught me playing Angry Birds, while I was technically on shift. They asked if I had read our mobile device at work policy recently, which I could honestly say I hadn’t.

It had been a slow day at work that day, with not much going on. I had been desperately bored, and while perhaps I shouldn’t have been using my mobile phone on work time, the reality of it was that I had only given myself a 5-minute distraction at most. And besides, I hadn’t even known we had a mobile device at work policy, let alone what it said!

Many years later – it was 2019, to be precise – I was recalling this very same story to a friend of mine, Perry Timms. Perry is an HR influencer who somehow made it onto the HR most influential list for three years running, and conversations about HR policy tend to get quite colourful with him.

But by the end of our discussion, we seemed to have more questions than answers. Questions like:  

  • How can employees be productive if they are constantly checking their phones?
  • Is it totally wrong to ban mobile devices at work?
  • Should employers even have a mobile device at work policy?

We talked about everything, from the benefits of giving employees autonomy over their working lives, to the health and safety hazards resulting from being distracted while operating heavy machinery. 

We soon realised that this was an important discussion that needed taking outside of the People HR canteen. Thus, our work began on what has now become a thought-provoking white paper we called “smart and safe”. 

The paper is completely free. And whether you’re running a law firm in Harrogate, or a warehouse in Doncaster, I can promise you it’s worth the time you’ll take to read it.

Find out more or download the report for free right now.

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