How employee self service helps HR make impact

February 24, 2021

Employee self service is a popular HR software feature, which lets employees perform a number of job-related functions. For example, requesting holiday or vacation days (annual leave), or updating personal information such as emergency contact details and banking data. 

Once upon a time, these sorts of tasks were highly manual, and often paper-based. They would require input from a number of people, and the information would often be passed across a number of systems – paper, email, spreadsheets – before finally making its way into the main HR database. 

But as HR software has made its way into the mainstream – especially as an SaaS solution, accessible via a browser or mobile app – these manual administrative employee upkeep tasks have been consolidated into self-service portals, giving employees greater control over their personal information, while simultaneously removing the manual burden from HR. 

The problem with HR administration  

The biggest problem with HR having a lot of manual repetitive administration, is that most of the time, HR professionals don’t actually want to be stuck populating columns and rows within spreadsheets. Not only is it boring, but it’s a waste of time – time that could be better spent making organisational impact. 

Most HR professionals are ambitious, and eager to share their ideas on how the organisation can achieve better growth through the power of its people. So when you sit an HR person in front of a spreadsheet or a filing cabinet all day, it’s safe to say that this is probably not where they want to be! 

And that’s why many HR professionals have really warmed to the popular surge in HR software which includes an employee self service module. 

More focus on the human, less drain on your resources 

Ola Wlodarczyk is an HR specialist at career site Zety. And Ola says that the introduction of employee self service was a real turning point for HR. 

“I may be dating myself when I say that when I first started, we were filling out paper forms and then my team was collecting them and filing them in an actual filing cabinet!” she says. “If you’ve never had the pleasure of filing papers in a filing cabinet before, the struggle is real.” 

Ola says that things have thankfully come a long way since those dark days – from paper to a centrally managed digital HR system, and from there, to HR software with employee self service fully integrated. 

“Allowing our employees to manage their own human resources dashboards is a tremendous time saver” she says. “It has allowed me to devote my energy and focus on making sure our employees are doing OK, especially now, during this strange time. If we were still using the old system, I couldn’t have started a wellness program for our staff.” 

Ola adds that she has even found time to develop her own skills and career, which is a handy bonus. And while she does find the occasional minor hiccup or question from employees, about how to use the system… she concludes that overall, using HR software with integrated employee self service puts her organisation miles ahead of where they would be if they were still tackling all HR admin manually, from the central HR office. 

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