Which clock in and out machine should employers use?

The first clock in out machine was invented in 1888. How things have changed since then! But which type of time tracker is right for your business?

November 28, 2018
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How outsourcing has changed the HR department: the pros and cons

Outsourcing. It can save money and hassle, but should you really outsource your HR department? Or should you keep it in-house? Let’s explore the pros and cons of both options.

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Alternatives to Bradford Factor for measuring absence

There's plenty of ways to measure absence - and plenty of alternatives to Bradford Factor scoring. Here's how to calculate the 'Lost Time' and 'Frequency' rate.

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Why you should stop collecting irrelevant HR data

Sometimes, the extra data you include in your HR records can actually be a business liability. Not only could it leave you open to a discrimination claim, but it could also cause a compliance issue with GDPR.

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Use it or lose it? How to handle accrual carryover

Letting employees take too many holiday or vacation days across into the next year can be dangerous to business operations. But how should HR limit how much employees can accrue and carry over?

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How long should you keep employee records for?

Do you know when to delete the information you hold on ex-employees and unsuccessful candidates? GDPR sets out strict guidelines on how you store and use personal data, and that includes employee records.

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Three reasons HR reports get ignored

HR reports don’t always get the attention they deserve. And there are three main reasons for this. Sometimes, it’s because HR is reporting to the wrong department. Sometimes, it’s because reports are boring. And sometimes, it’s to do with your culture.

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