Four things HR will be responsible for after GDPR

GDPR will change how HR departments are managing their data security from May 2018. Find out what you can do to stay on top of your responsibilities.

November 15, 2017
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The importance of translating and localising your international HR communications

Properly translating your communications in a way that your entire workforce can understand is vital. One company ended up paying out $250,000 when a judge dismissed their claim, because a handbook was only in English.

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HR skills for now and the future

Once upon a time, HR was a very technical role. Today, it involves more strategic input and people management. But what future HR skills will we need to stay relevant and help our company grow?

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The three biggest international HR challenges

HR is complicated enough when you’re only managing a local team. What happens when you start hiring people all over the world? Here are the three biggest challenges global HR professionals are facing today.

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What is big data, and why should HR care?

Perhaps you've heard about big data? Maybe you're unsure exactly what it means? Here's why your HR department should care about big data analysis.

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Why your HR relocation policy needs to be more flexible

Whether you're moving an employee away for a week, or for life, you need a flexible HR relocation policy to ensure a smooth transition. Here's why.

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Eight HR mistakes auditors keep finding

Nobody runs the perfect ship. But some HR mistakes are downright predictable – there are eight ‘usual suspects’ that the HR auditors just keep on digging up.

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