Do people in human resources management truly love Pringles?

According to YouGov, the following information is 'particularly true' about people who are interested in human resources management. Does this sound like you!?

January 20, 2017
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Five predictions about HR systems for 2017

Now that we are saying goodbye to 2016, it's time to look at some of the trends predicted for the HR industry in 2017, and how they apply to your HR systems.

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The five most difficult HR decisions

This wonderful guest post by Streetwise HR looks at the five most difficult HR decisions faced by businesses today, from downsizing and recruitment to bullying.

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What will HR systems be like in 100 years?

100 years ago, the idea of "the internet" would have sounded crazy. So what kind of crazy things will we see HR systems doing 100 years from now?

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What does “blended workforce” mean?

Roughly 30% of workers are contractors, freelancers and part-timers. What does it mean to manage a blended workforce? And what challenges should you expect?

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Could asteroid mining lead to an intergalactic role for HR?

Luxembourg invests 25 million Euros into asteroid mining project. With more private spaceflight companies, how long until HR manages an intergalactic workforce

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Two of the Best Paid Cities in UK Have the Poorest Workers

How much disposable income would you have at the end of the month if you worked in one of the five best paid cities in the UK? The results might shock you.

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