Pokémon Go Creates a Brand New Challenge for HR

Should you be banning Pokemon Go at work, or making it mandatory? Decisions decisions… here’s our advice on how HR departments might want to approach Pokemon Go in the workplace. Enjoy!

July 21, 2016
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What Your Next Three Steps Should Be as a Post-Brexit Employer

A few things you can do as an employer to settle the storm in the wake of the EU Referendum.

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Does Your CEO See Human Resources in the Same Way You Do?

You won’t believe what senior executives think about the HR department…

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HR Implications of a Brexit

90% of EU workers in the UK are worried about the impact of the EU referendum

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Cross-Culture Analysis: Which Country Boasts Which Skills?

What do you think of this study which aimed to rank skillsets by geographical location?

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How Pension Scheme Membership is Evolving

How is the membership of workplace pension schemes shifting? What do you think is causing this?

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The Hidden Costs You Should Be Reporting On

Do you know which hidden costs you are missing out of your quarterly report?

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