Ways to reduce HR software misuse

You might not worry that employees are going to deliberately abuse your HR software, but mistakes do happen. So here’s how you can help prevent HR system misuse.

November 25, 2020
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Why your HR system should be more than just the software

Your HR information system is more than just ‘the software that stores HR data.’ Here are the six values good HR software is driven by.

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This is the age of mobile HR software

In 2016, we hit a peak with the adoption of cloud-based HR software. But the bubble didn't burst - it evolved. We are now witnessing the age of the mobile app.

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What’s the point of a pulse survey?

A pulse survey is a quick way to capture feedback from your employees. Unlike the more traditional annual survey, a pulse survey is short, and focuses on a specific issue or question.

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Are HR spreadsheets stunting business growth?

HR spreadsheets tend to sneak through the back door while you’re still a start-up. Eventually, they complicate your processes and stunt your growth.

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If you do HR admin on paper, then you are a liability

If you still do your HR admin on paper, then it’s time to print off a purchase order request for a tinfoil hat. Because you’re right to be paranoid, and you need all the protection you can get.

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The best HR reports to produce for your business

Want to produce useful HR insights that help your business grow? Let’s explore some of the best HR reports to produce for your business, that help you take meaningful action.

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