How to handle the pains of holiday management

There are three big holiday management challenges for HR. Holiday entitlements, "holiday wars", and holiday approval disputes. Here's how to handle them.

October 18, 2017
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Why responsive design is important for your HR software

Trying to use your HR software on your mobile? Stuck dragging, pinching, pulling and zooming? It's a question of "responsive design". Find out more!

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Who really uses HR systems?

It isn't just your HR administrator who uses human resources software. Here are six different types of people within your company who might use HR systems.

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Five stereotypes about HR software that aren’t always true

These five stereotypes about HR software are no longer true. If you are avoiding HR software for any of these five reasons, it's time for a rethink.

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Five signs your HR software provider is hiding something

Comparing HR software? Make sure you don’t get caught out! Five things to look out for before you even think about picking up the phone or filling out a form.

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Darth Vader’s Guide to HR Software

Searching for a new HR system? Do you feel like the answer lies in a galaxy far, far away? Here are five things Darth Vader can teach us about HR software.

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The Most Important HR Metrics You Should be Measuring

You have HR software, but are you tracking the right metrics? To help you focus, here is our list of the five most important HR metrics you should be measuring.

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