6 ways to boost your recruitment efforts in 2019

According to CV-Library’s latest research, 72.2% of companies plan to increase recruitment in 2019. Today, their CEO Lee Biggins, has six tips to help you boost your recruitment efforts in 2019 – including how you can better develop your employer brand.

February 20, 2019
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Top 10 video interview questions and why you should ask them

We interviewed recruitment experts from around the world, and discovered the top 10 questions you should be asking if you are considering a video-based recruitment process. This short video walks you through all 10 questions, and why you should ask them.

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Psychologist’s guide to recruitment & selection

Simon Kilpatrick thinks we should add more to our selection process. For example, psychometric testing, and group activities. Find out why, in my interview with a business psychologist.

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Is there ever an alternative to firing an employee?

Not all HR managers are cold paper pushers. Dismissal isn't always the answer - in fact, there's often a solid alternative to firing an employee.

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10 Tips To Fire Respectfully

Even in the most well managed companies, things happen and you may need to dismiss someone.

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Applicant tracking systems – what are they, and how to write CVs for them

Many Applicant Tracking Systems scan CVs for keywords. Some are also bad at reading images. Here’s how Donna Moores advises job seekers to optimise their CV.

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Why recruiters should think twice before using keyword scanning software

It might seem tempting to use keyword filters to narrow down your candidate pipeline. But think twice - you could be causing top talent to pass you by.

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