CATSURVEYS Group LTD Implements People™ as Part of Their Growth Strategy

November 15, 2017


Question: How do you keep your business moving forward when everything around you is changing?

Answer: Equip your company with tools built for the future.

If you want to grow, you have to think about the future. And no, that doesn’t mean carefully selecting the tie you’re going to wear tomorrow (might we suggest the stripy one?) – it means putting the right strategies in place, then arming the right people with the right tools to execute them.

Here at People, we’re constantly tinkering with new ideas to make sure our HR system is always one step ahead of whatever the business world can throw at it. But rather than blowing our own trumpet, we prefer to let our customers do the talking – in fact, CATSURVEYS Group LTD recently announced their decision to join People’s ever-growing user base, as part of their strategy to set the standard for their competitors and strive for rapid growth in 2014.

“[Our innovations team] are continuously coming up with new and creative ways in which to drive our company forward, with their forward thinking and imaginative ideas. Recently they decided to inject a little bit of fun into the workplace by introducing a new interactive HR Management system called PeopleHR”

We wish CATSURVEYS Group LTD the very best of luck for the future, and we’re delighted that they’ve made People part of their growth strategy.

Are you equipped with the right tools that will support your business strategies and goals for the future?


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