People™ Product Tip: How to Create Custom Information Screens

October 27, 2016

Custom Information Screens

Are you still keeping employee information on spreadsheets, in dusty old filing cabinets, or within random folders on your desktop because there’s not a designated space within People™? Stop – you can add absolutely anything to employee records within People™ by creating your own custom information screens!

About the Screen Designer

The Screen Designer is a unique feature within People™ that lets you create custom information screens to cover absolutely anything you might want to record about your employees.

You can customise everything about these information screens – custom titles, custom field labels – and you can even upload documents or run reports.

So if you can’t find a place to store a unique type of employee information… then stop looking, and start building. Here’s how:

How to Build a Custom Information Screen for Employee Records

  1. Visit the Logbook
  2. In the dropdown list, select ‘Add New Screen’
  3. Create a name & description
  4. Choose who can see this information (selecting ‘No Access’ means only administrators can view it)
  5. Hit ‘Next’, then start adding new fields!

It really is that simple, and you can add up to ten unique fields with each screen you create. Plus, all of the information will be included within the Query Builder so that you can easily extract the data or run a report.

If you want to watch the Screen Designer in action, visit the link below:


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